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Past events

1st Russian Festival

Time : November 24th (Sat) - 25th (Sun) 2018
Place : Yoyogi park [MAP]
Admission : Free of charge

The 1st "Russian Festival" will be held at the altar of Yoyogi Park.
We will open "Matryoshka painting experience" among them, so please come and visit.

Matryoshka Doll Exhibition

Time : November 5th (Mon) - 7th (Wed) 2018
Place : 7th floor Shosen Grande, Jinbocho [MAP]

There were exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops of handmade matryoshka dolls.
The workshop area allowed visitors to make their own original matryoshka dolls.
There was also chocolate directly shipped from Russia.

Portrait artist Tomokazu Tabata (Vice President of Nihon Nigaoe Artist Association) was a special guest at the event bringing excitement to the venue.